Be A Maverick

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Maverick is a derivation of MAV: Men Against Violence. One Spark's MAVerick campaign is about men standing with the women and girls in their lives and lending their voices to ending violence against women.  It started with a passionate dad wanting to ensure a better world for the women and girls in his life.

A maverick is a person who thinks or acts in an independent way.  We need men to speak out against violence against women. Dads, brothers, partners, cousins, uncles, grandpas, co-workers, friends, sports teams: we need you to say it’s not ok.  We need you to be a MAVerick.

To see why men are speaking out, please take a minute to watch our #BeAMaverick video.  To get involved with the campaign as an individual, team, or group, visit the MAVerick website at or contact




Be A Maverick


Maverick is a derivation of MAV: Men Against Violence. One Spark's MAVerick ...


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