Possibility is where change begins.

Vision and Mission

One Spark’s vision is a world where no woman faces financial barriers to living a life without violence.

One Spark’s mission is to provide barrier-free opportunities for women experiencing violence to generate income through entrepreneurship.

Beliefs and Aims

We Believe that...

  • All persons have the right to lives free from the presence and threat of violence.
  • Every woman's unique strengths, skills, and potential should be valued and respected.
  • Every woman should have access to basic life necessities for herself and her children.
  • Eliminating violence against women on a systemic level involves addressing the financial and economic barriers that women face.
  • Entrepreneurism is one important option for providing women with opportunities to generate their own income, celebrate their unique skills, and self-determine aspects of their employment circumstances.

We Aim

Beliefs and Aims

We Aim to...

  • Eliminate practical access-to-resource barriers that may prevent women from realizing financial security for themselves and for their dependent children.
  • Address the systemic socio-economic inequities that may prevent a woman from transitioning to a violence-free life.
  • Maximize the role that entrepreneurism can play in helping a woman to establish and/or maintain financial security; eliminate barriers (e.g. child care) to generating sustainable income; and realize the full potential of her skills and abilities.

We Believe

More than 1.5 million women in Canada live on a low income. Women who leave a partner to raise children on their own are five times more likely to be poor than if they had stayed.

We Believe in Possibilities...

We believe that, with community support and the creation of innovative opportunities, more women can be empowered by access to sustainable incomes and a sense of ownership over their future. Our goal is to help develop and champion the financial safety plans that can support women with lived experience of violence, and the courageous steps they take towards violence-free lives. We believe in the opportunities that emerge when barriers are dismantled and when all possibilities are considered. We believe in possibilities because possibility is where change begins.