MAVerick is about men standing with the women and girls in their lives and lending their voices to ending violence. Dads, brothers, partners, cousins, uncles, grandpas, co-workers, friends: we need you to say it's not ok. We need men to speak out against violence against women. We need you to be a MAVerick.

The MAVerick campaign is not just about wearing clothing - it is about adorning the MAVerick logo as a seal of safety so that your friends, family, coworkers, community members, and most importantly, complete strangers know that you are a man against violence. This movement is founded on men taking action to show that gender-based violence is an unacceptable action and it needs to end. It starts with you and it ends when we all eradicate violence for women and girls around the world.

When you buy MAVerick clothing you are letting the world know you are a change-maker. And you are making real, impactful change. Revenue from apparel sales funds the MAVerick Emergency Fund. The Emergency Fund was created to provide urgent, short-term funding to women exiting violent situations to support their immediate housing and basic needs. Women can contact the Emergency Fund to access the following types of funding:

  • Emergency transportation funding
  • Short-term housing funding
  • Short-term utility funding
  • Daycare funding 
  • Gift card distribution for essentials

In short, the MAVerick apparel line is both a movement for change and a real solution to helping women live in safety and be free of violence.

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